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Ginger Chicken- A fusion of Indo Chinese flavours in a zesty ginger, garlic sauce.
Murg Mumtaz (Mild)- Boneless chicken pieces cooked in a creamy cashew nut gravy with a reciped dated to the Moghul period in India.
Chicken Tikka Masala- Marinated and baked boneless chicken pieces simmered in tomato concasse.
Chicken Afghani- Chicken morsels tempered with mustard seeds and garlic in a delicious gravy. 
Tandoori Lamb Chops- Lamb Rack chops marinated and baked in tandoor, accompanied by vegetables and Basmati rice. 
Bhuna Gosht- Boneless lamb cooked with tomatoes and spices in a thick gravy.
Lamb Madras- Lamb cubes cooked with onions, mustard seeds, dried chillies and coconut milk.
Lobster Butter Masala- Lobster morsels simmered in tomato concasse and fresh ground masala.
Bombay Lobster Curry- Morsels of tender, succulent lobster simmered in a delectable gravy with special spices. 
Malai Salmon Fillet- Tender salmon seasoned with spices and baked, served with vegetables and Basmati rice.
Goanese Shrimp Curry- Inspired from the balmy beaches of Goa; shrimps are sauteed with mustard and coriander seeds in coconut gravy.
Mushroom Chilli- Fresh tender mushrooms sauteed with sweet peppers, chilli, onions and soya sauce imparting a fusion of flavours.
Palak Kofta- Spinach balls in a rich curry sauce.
Passage to India Thali- Vegetarian meal inclusive of dhal makhni, mattar paneer, raita, pickles, rice, roti, papadom and a vegetarian dish of your choice.